I'm Reversing 4 1st bicuspids being extracted '85. Braces again 2005-13 now unhappy with tilted out look and have pain

  • clovetree
  • 4 months ago

I'm 44. Had braces 1983-1985, 4 1st bicuspids were extracted, spaces were closed. I hated recessed mouth. Lost bone in front of bottom teeth over years. Braces again 2005-2013 to reopen 4 extraction sites for implants. All front teeth are tilted out and pulled out of bone a little to make enough space for implants. Now most teeth have receding gums-painful!, bottom teeth are loose, ache, can see darker roots, look too far out of jaw. Top canines can see exposed root.

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Should I have moved molars forward to cover extracted space and tilt front teeth forward to a more upright position (instead of being tilted in)? Or did I do the right thing by reopening extraction spaces 7mm both on top and 6mm both on bottom. Now I have receding gums, pain & sensitivity, teeth look tilted out (I hate this) and the expense of implants is immense.
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I forgot to mention I have pain in lower teeth (mostly canines), all front bottom teeth are loose also. My front teeth have black triangles between teeth at gumline now and food gets trapped in there like nobody's business. I never had that before! I think having moved my front teeth (top and bottom) to the edge of my bone and tilting them out to an almost unhealthy position to make enough space for implants has caused more problems and more expense. I wish I would have just moved front teeth forward a little and widened a little and moved the molars forward to close the spaces. Then I wouldn't have these additional problems and wouldn't have to pay $24,000 for implants and then additional thousands for eventual gum grafting. I almost want to get braces one more time and move the molars forward. But I know if I got braces again it would make my receding gums worse and I would have more root resorption. So I just don't know what to do and I'm losing sleep over this. As you can see it's 3am and I'm tossing and turning. I'm wondering if my front teeth were pushed back a tad, my gums would go back to normal. And maybe it would stop recession. I know if they stay as is it will only get worse.
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