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Need return-to-work advice

  • seabee
  • 2 years ago

Hello everyone - I work as a nurse in a busy intensive care unit.  My shifts are 12 hours long and require a lot of standing and walking.  Frequently I work 2 or 3 shifts consecutively.  I do occasionally need to lift heavy items such as portable monitors, IV pumps, or "boost" and turn patients in their beds.    Does anyone have any insight as to how long I should expect to recover before I can comfortably and safely return to work?  I am in pretty good shape now, exercise regularly and do primarily strength training.  I just don't want to be stressed out about returning to work before I am ready.  I am also thinking of waiting to get the surgery until I return to school a little over a year from now and just quit my job a little sooner than I would otherwise.   Any advice is greatly appreciated!!