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Retin A during pregnancy, help! What should I do?

  • Pei Sze Lim
  • 2 years ago

I have been using Retin A until I found that I'm pregnant. I didn't know that a pregnant lady shouldn't use Retin A. Now, I'm 10weeks already and I stop using it when I was 5 weeks. What should I do? would it harm my baby? What are the birth defect that would cause to my baby? Did anyone out there has the same experience as me? My OB asked me to consider abort the baby. I'm very sad and I don't know what to do. I searched onlineands most of the result show that there is no report that tested on pregnant lady. Although the risk is low but i'm in dilemma. Can someone help me? Thanks a million!!! 

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I used it my first few weeks of pregnancy. I am not going to worry about it. From everything I have read, chances of abnormalities are low. Please don't worry. That OB that would even suggest aborting a baby is disgusting... That I'd what I would worry about, finding a new doctor. I am appalled beyond belief. Your baby will be fine. Hugs!
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Hi Rachel, could you share your experience? I have used retin A for about 1.5wks when I was 4-5wls pregnant! I'm really worried :(
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So you mean iT does affect the baby?
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Sorry they wouldn't allow me to post a link so here is what it said.. low amounts pass through skin to bloodstream & even less would reach the baby... Studies found mothers using Retin-A are not more likely to have babies with birth defects than those not using Retin-A. ...
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Here is a good reference that says the topical form is not very likely to reach your baby. I would not worry! Hopefully this will give you some peace of mind as it did me. I used Retin A sporatically for the first 4 weeks and was also worried at first, but am going to have faith all is ok. Good luck!
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hi, ihave the same experience... im really worried,..i just got to know i was about 5 weeks pregnant already so i stopped using tretinoin. but im really worried. im on my 7th week already:(
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Hi Megan,

Thanks for the information. I'm still worrying about my pregnancy due to the Retin A and I'm still waiting for other replies, especially those who had used it before during pregnancy. So far, nobody has replied me :(
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I'm so sorry to hear you are worrying. I personally can't say I know much about using Retin-A as it relates to pregnancy, but everything that the doctors shared in the Q&A's I posted above don't say it is a huge risk. Of course they advise to stop it, which you have. If you are excited about this pregnancy, and the Retin-A concern is holding you back from experiencing all the joy you should be, I'd say try to let go of the worry, as that won't due you or the baby any good. You didn't know, you did nothing intentionally wrong. Also, remember you can always go to a second or even a third OB for other opinions. That is often a very wise thing to do.

Sending you a hug!!

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Here is some info you may find helpful:

Topical Retinoids During Pregnancy

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Hopefully some other women who have been through a similar situation will be able to share their experience with you as well.

Please keep us posted on how you & baby are doing!!

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