When will I see results after Vaser lipo?

  • The_Doll
  • 4 years ago

I had vaser done 3 days ago. I had my arms and upper/lower abs done. I was told by my doctor that I should see results immediately. On my arms, I definitely see results, however on my stomach I see NOTHING. Even while lying on the operator table the doctor couldn't figure out why my stomach wasn't changing. He said that he had removed all the fat and everytime he went in to suck more out all he was getting was bloody tissue stuff and NOT the tan fat stuff. My doctor is now hard to communicate with. Advice please?

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I had vaser on my inner/ outer thighs and knees. I am 5"3 and 130 pounds. As of day three I am yet to see any change at all. I am swollen and bruised, however I was hoping that I would see some result. Does anyone have any advice?

kitty did you get your results yet?? I had my outer thigh vaserlipo two days back and look like the same as before...