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When will results with Retin-A Micro Regimen be visible?

  • 6 years ago

I am new to Retin-A Micro and have read a lot of reviews about it and understand that it takes time to see results and that your skin will often look worse before it looks better. I am at my 3 week mark, and did experience purging (not too bad though) and am waiting for the great results that many see at 6 weeks. For those using Retin-A, when did you notice a great improvement?

For those that use it every other night, what do you use on your off nights? I know my skincare regimen has changed dramatically as I am no longer using any harsh products (with the exception of the aqua glycolic facial moisturizer on my off nights mixed with la roche posay's toleraine moisturizer). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

For note, I am only 21 years old and am on it for breakout purposes (although before I never broke out horribly to begin with, just when I happen to have had an appt with my derm). ***one last thing...everywhere I read it says "only a pea size amount should be necessary" but there is NO WAY that a "pea size" covers my whole face....