No Results After Lipo: Doctor Said He Does Not Know Why

  • kbrooks08
  • 2 years ago

I had smart lipo about 3 months ago. last week I went to my follow up appointment and the doc said there were no results. maybe a half inch if that. I had my upper lower stomach and flanks done. no results at all. he said I was a good candidate and still am. he wants to redo the procedure but he could not explain why I did not get any results. are there any doctors who may be able to explain why my procedure did not work. I followed all the proper after care procedures. not sure if I want to do it again because what's to say it will work the second time either.

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Hi Kbrooks08,

I noticed you recieved some feedback from doctors in our questions area, I hope this helped. Did your doctor mention anything that would suggest reasons for the procedure not having any impact?

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I'm sorry your first round of this didn't produce the results you were looking for. Have you looked into or tried alternatives before spending the money & going through that again? Lipo isn't a guarantee. I hate to see people go through this when there are other options to try. There ARE alternatives worth checking into & trying. I love helping people in letting them know they have options and will answer any questions you may have.

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