No results after 1st photofacial?

  • DizzyMama
  • Texas
  • 2 years ago

The past Saturday, I had a photofacial--1st of 3. Despite her warnings of redness and of it "looking worse before better," I see absolutely no changes to my skin--no redness, no spots, no tenderness--nothing. Had anyone else had this experience?

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I think it sort of about the resistance of your skin, I have 4 treatments for photofacial. The first time I had, the laser technician set at the Medium to see how I react to the laser - my skin is kinda tighten a little bit and absolutely no result on fading of the age spots and I didn't have any react to the any reaction at all. Second treatment, I told her about my first treament so she treated all my face with Medium and concern area with one level up - no reaction no burn no red, only one spot farily was faded the less still the same, over all face smoother but not much. Third treatments yesterday, I told her about my second treament, so she turned the level up more for all face, came back to the concern area two rounds. The third treatment I can definitely felt the slightly more painful than the first and second but bearable (that's from a sissy one) - I can definitely tell that it's working, the age spot getting darker and shrinking but no burn no redness. I think the level of the laser matter on this treatment. I'm glad she started with low and worked her way up, I prefer this way rather than get burn just to save couple treatments but if you keep the same level of the laser when it does not show result it just wasted.
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Thanks for your comment Denver CO girl! I was thinking I was all alone in this experience. I saw absolutely no difference after all 3 treatments. The Skin MD clinic I visited in Texas gave no real explanation other than "some people are more resistant to treatments" and need additional or alternative treatments. I'm just glad I received a Groupon deal for a major discount on this or I would have been furious to have paid full price.

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hi! yes I have done 3 photofacials now at American Laser Centers in Westminster, CO & I can't tell any difference at all! I actually posted my own question (haven't received answer yet) because I did the Visia complexion analysis (offered my MyChelle products at Whole Foods markets here in CO) before and after and my scores on dark/brown spots and UV damage have actually gotten WORSE after the photofacials! I only paid the money to make my uv damage better! I bought a package of 6, so the manager & Esthetician told me to use all 6 to see if it gets better. However, I'm scared of it continuing to get worse! Reading all the posts here, it seems like a lot of people get good results, but how are we to know if we will or not?
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