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Itching after Restylane under eyes

  • madasheck
  • Oregon
  • 4 years ago

I had restylane injected under both eyes 7-8 weeks ago. Approx. 2-3 weeks ago itching under my eyes and on both cheeks has been increasingly unbearable. I am now getting a pooling of skin folds under my eyes and the areas have darkened. My friends are asking me daily if I'm sick and that I need more sleep.

The center I went to said it would be very rare that this reaction was from the restylane, however from what I'm reading on blogs and websites, this doesn't appear to be so random. I look like I've aged another 10 years and am so sad. I saved $1,500 for this and look what has happened! I'm concerned that my "certified" technician will write this off and say there is no connection.

What can I expect from the place I went to? Can they fix this? Will I always look like this? Frustrated....

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Hi madasheck,

Take a look at this blog entry we posted awhile back:

Reports of wrinkle filler side-effects lead to FDA review

It is my understanding that what you're experiencing isn't necessarily a rare side effect, however I haven't seen many people on RealSelf talking about itching after Restylane. It is important to note that under eye injection is an off-label use of Restylane not approved by the FDA.

Regardless, you should go see your primary care doctor immediately to get something for the itching. Based on what you said about the lack of attentiveness and care you've been shown by the clinic you originally visited for Restylane injections, I personally would not go back there.

Also, I doubt your "certified technician" is an actual doctor certified by an ABMS member board. I would go back to the clinic and ask them to show you the packaging of the Restylane they use to ensure that is, in fact, what was injected into your face.

For correction and further cosmetic treatment, see a board certified dermatologist, plastic, facial plastic, or oculoplastic surgeon. Check our Oregon doctor directory to find a physician near you (they're all board certified aesthetic medical specialists).

There happen to be two physicians in Oregon who are key leaders of the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety, so it may be worth it for you to consult with one of them.

Best of luck,


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