Restylane keeps disappearing from under eye tear troughs - Help!

  • marvista
  • CA/IL
  • 4 years ago

Has anyone experienced restylane injected for under eye hollows that disappears or dissolves after about 2-3 days? First time I was injected it was done superficially; went back a week later and was corrected (intentionally) dissolved a week later.

Next two visits (each a week apart), I was re-injected w/restylane, but it kept disappearing (and may have been injected too deep?).

Last visit, I was injected with another filler, it has moved/dropped from the hollows under my eyes, but not completely.

Does this sound normal? Any suggestions? The person injecting was an experienced PA.

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Hi Marvista, Injection of material under the eyelids is a most advanced filler technique that should be left to experienced and skilled cosmetically trained physicians. Restylane injections under the eyelids should last one to two years. I would suggest having a physician treat you, and stick to Restylane in this most delicate and unforgiving area. Good luck and be well. Dr. P