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Bruised after Restylane in tear troughs

  • aidansgma
  • indiana
  • 4 years ago

I had restylane injected into my tear trough.The doctor did not use any numbing cream and told me to ice for 2 days. today is the 3rd day and it looks horrible. I now have double bags and wrinkling under each eye. i am so upset and depressed, i dont want anyone to see me. will this get better with in the next week?

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Thanks the bruising has gone away. I did call the Dr, the swelling and the wrinkling was my main concern.
Bruising in the tear troughs is common because the skin is so thin and there are a lot of little blood vessels in that area. However, if you're at all worried, it might be worth giving your doctor a call. It's worth the piece of mind. :)