can restylane cause drooping brows?

  • expa
  • 1 year ago

I recently got restylane under they eye and i am not happy with the result. My doctor insisted on filling the areas adjacent to the circles under my eye (close to my nose and on my inner cheek) and it looks terrible as I no longer have natural the natural contour that belongs there and worst, i no longer look like "me," or even a normal human face.  i could still be a bit swollen since i am only one week out. So I am waiting to see if that will settle, but my biggest concern is that ever since i got the restylane put in a week ago, my BROWS and upper lids have started to sag and droop more and more each day and it looks incredibly odd. i've just been trying not to look at myself in the mirror because I look so scary and i'm hoping all of these things will just go away.... i had a similar reaction with my brow and lids the one time i tried botox between my brows and i vowed i would never do that again, but I never considered i would have this reaction to restylane. luckily the effect after botox did seem to get better in a few months as the botox wore away (or what was is left i've gotten used to) but this seems much more severe and in combination with the poorly placed filler, my face just looks very "off." Has anyone else experienced brow sagging after getting undereye filler and  and if so, could you share for how long and if you found anything that would help? I'm also wondering if anyone else has gotten restylane injected adjacent to your dark circles in the area close to your nose, and if that worked well for you? Thanks so much for any feedback!

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I apologize for all the typos and errors abovel I wrote that when i was on the verge of passing out.