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  • 6 years ago

Thanks for the response - I appreciate the information...but what about the lack of improvement? Is it normal at the one month mark to be showing NO improvement?

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Unfortunately the only changes I had from Fraxel re:pair were that my skin texture is WORSE than it was before in addition to new problems of hyperpigmentation and broken blood vessels where I had the treatment. I wish I could offer more hope but sadly I think so many of us have come to the same conclusion you have.
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Hi Mike Thanks for getting back to me. the co2 fractional laser treatment you had isnt that just the same as the new co2 fraxel? I'm a little confused. My test patch is still red,pink and a little brown- mind you i had four passes done on my skin. how long do you need to wait after the laser to know if you have devloped any pigmentation problems? Are yu covering your redness with anything? als, what was your aftercare instructions after the fractional co2 laser?
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I have had 4 treatments of Fraxel done on my face - each 1 month apart. I must say that the improvement I see is extremely minimal, and people who know me well probably don't notice anything at all. I can look in the mirror and maybe tell a slight improvement in some acne scars near my temple, but other than that, I still look exactly the same. After photos are scheduled in one month, but honestly don't think this was worth it. I still think highly of my doctor, as I have a history with him. There was so much "hype" and "promise" over this exciting new treatment, and really my hopes of improving my skin with this treatment are pretty much gone now. I hear it does work for some people, just don't think it worked for me.
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