Researching surgeons to fix my nose - any suggestions? In PA, NJ, NY, MD

  • jcathope
  • 1 year ago

Hi, I had a really bad primary rhinoplasty that has left me devastated  - The only thing keeping me going is the possibility of getting it fixed.  I won't be having my surgery for a minimum of 8 months from now - but I reallllllllly need to make sure that I find the right surgeon and so  I have started the research phase.  Anyone have a surgeon that they loved and would recommend that I check out? I am looking in PA, NJ, NY and MD.  any input is greatly appreciated!!! thanks!!!

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I'm having surgery at the end of December with Dr. Pontell from Media, PA I'll let you know how it goes! I had a consultation with Dr. Becker of sewell, nj but ended up waiting for two hours before I got to see him, so I decided he wasn't the doc for me. I'll be posting photos after surgery so we shall see how it goes
Thanks Sunshine NJ!! I actually have a consult with Pontell in November. I am excited to hear what he thinks. Good luck to you on your upcoming surgery.. I'll be following your progress. :)

You're smart to do your research! Here's what some doctors say about finding the best revision rhino surgeon. Please keep us posted on your decision.