Do mental health issues drive women to cosmetic surgery?

  • MakenzieR
  • Seattle, WA
  • 2 years ago

I read this article about how breast implants are just one big science experiment on female bodies. What really got me though, was this statement:

As the researchers conclude: "A series of mental health symptoms predict cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery does not in turn seem to alleviate such mental health problems." 

Personally, I thought that was a load of hooey and posted this response:

I have been a stable, healthy, happy individual for all my life. Those who know me know I'm happy, outgoing, and not short of self-confidence.

I am appalled that an article like this would run stating these "findings" as fact and present no alternative argument. I got breast implants because I love my body, but there was one part of it that I always wished was different. I knew there was an option out there to do something about it, I did my research for years, and finally decided to make the change.

I'm really curious what others think? Read the article and let's have a discussion here.