Replacing current implants with 800cc high profile silicone. Is it worth it?

  • italianprincessnj
  • 2 years ago

I currently have 700cc moderate profile (I think, since they are wide) silicone implants that are under the muscle. I'm a big D cup. I want to go bigger and I want my breasts to stick out further. I want to be a DDD. Can I accomplish this by going up to 800cc with a high profile implant? I know I can accomplish a DDD size with saline implants since you can go beyond 800cc, but I want to stick with silicone.

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Hi there! That totally depends on your tissues and structure. 800 is very large and might be hard to pull off if you're not tall and/or large boned. Have you consulted with surgeons yet to see if this will be doable?