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I am having my TT on March 14th and have alot of steps in my house. I have read suggestions on renting a hospital bed on this wonderful site. Does anyone know about how much it would cost to rent a hospital bed and how long would you suggest to need it? Thank you so much.

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I had a terrible pain like that. After drains were removed it went away although it's still a bit numb there (6 mos post op), mainly in my left side.
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Has anyone had any groin pain. It feels like a nerve pulling. 2 wks post op today still sleeping in a chair;(.
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I just used a cheap outdoor plastic chair for my shower, borrowed one of my friend's, and it worked well if you don't feel like buying one.

That's so great that your husband wants to take time off to take care of you! And he has a point in sleeping with him. I suggest if you do sleep separate, just have some way of being able to call him if you need. Even if you use your cell phone to call him if you have to. I know there were times I struggled to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. Nothing worse than having to go badly but you can't get up! But you'll quickly figure out what works for you. Good luck!
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Thanks K... I think its sweet of him too. He's a keeper, LOL...
is it absolutely necessary to rent a bed? I dont plan on it, I have no place to put it but my bed is pretty high and I dont have a recliner... Hmmm... This should be interesting.
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It's not required but very helpful.   If your bed is high then just get a little step stool to get in.  Have plenty of pillows and you will work it out.  It is just going to be a little project.

I can tell you that you quickly learn what movements hurt and how to maneuver around the house.  It will be ok just plan on making some adjustments as you go. 
Thanks Kim, I figured there have been many women to have the surgery and not rent a bed and they survived so will I. I have a thing with pillows, Im always worried I wont have enough so I seem to be always buying them well, I guess its finally come in handy huh? LOL. I have lots and lots of pillows so Im sure I will be getting them all ready for use!

I have a spare bedroom on the second floor where the bed is much lower and the bathroom is just steps away I was considering just staying in there instead of my bedroom. I dont know how much sleep me or my husband will get sleeping together in the same bed while I'm healing. But still not sure if the 2nd floor bedroom is going to work. The good thing about the bathroom up there is that its a stand up shower and my bathroom has a tub that I have to get into so that might be a problem when its time to shower. I guess still LOTS to think of.
Definitely a luxury in my opinion. It was definitely helpful in getting me up and down but can obviously be done w/out it. You will need lots of pillows as Kimmers said to prop things up where they need to be :)

Oh it will all work out for you.  You will have things figured out quickly. 

Sleeping in the extra bedroom sounds like a good plan.  Having the bathroom near by with the shower also helps.   If you have a walk in shower consider renting a shower chair.  Also, does that shower have a removable shower head?   You may want to consider that as well.  It was very helpful for me having that.  You can pick one up for about $20.00 and install it yourself. 

It is really helpful at first to be able to sit and shower yourself with the hand held shower head. 
I will definately be getting a shower chair and also asking my husband to put in a removeable shower head even if its just cheap one till I can go back to normal. Oh boy, he's not going to be happy. We just had the bathroom done and it took forever to choose a shower fixture, LOL. Cant wait to see the look on his face.

I discussed the whole sleeping upstairs idea and he said he didnt like the idea, he wants me near him so he can take care of me. He's taking a few days off from work as well to be home with me and the days he cant be there with me his aunt will be coming by (hopefully, I havent asked her yet).

He sounds like a sweetie!!   I am sure he will be ok with the shower head.  That is an easy thing to do.  
i rented a medical chair that lifts you up and out of your chair. It's been a lifesaver!! Got it for $200/month. I won't need it for that long but the way it was priced, it made sense to do it that way. Highly recommended!
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Great idea!!!   Since getting up and down is really hard...thank you for sharing the idea:)
Yes, I found the same thing Kimmers. I thought I was ready to try the bed, but was so uncomfortable. The only reason I didn't get right back out and back to my recliner was because it was even harder getting out than it was getting in! So I stayed a few hours, but then went back to the chair. After another week it was better. I do wish I had gotten a hospital bed.. but I didn't even think of that as an option at the time. I wish I had found this website before my tt :)
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Well you made it through and that is what counts:)
I think a hospital bed is a great idea, although I didn't get one. I ended up sleeping in a recliner chair and that worked really well for me. With the pain meds especially I had no trouble sleeping in it, and it was easier than trying to get the pillows under your knees and head right in a bed. And much easier on the abs to get in and out of than the bed. Another note, I found stairs to be no problem at all, but the bed I couldn't sleep in for at least 2 weeks.
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I am glad the recliner worked for you:)   What ever makes you comfortable is always good. 

It was really hard going back into my regular bed.  Oh so uncomfortable and I had such trouble getting in and out.  I had so many pillows in the bed that my husband almost didn't fit.
The bed is something I'm looking into. Here in California they are much more expensive. I don't know Kimmers .....I don't like anyone around when I not feeling well but They darn sure better be there when I need something. Heheheh, just kidding. I don't like people waiting on me.,it's going to be hard. I wish I could just do it next month. I have to wait until June 1st. This is going to drive me crazy, I'm overloading on info.
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Yikes...June 1st!   You will be ok but anxious as you count down on the calendar.  I drove myself crazy crossing days off the calendar every day and I only had to wait two months. 

You just need to surrender to your care taker.  Don't fight it at all and let people take care of you.  The sooner you surrender the quicker you will heal.  Before my surgery my hubby told me that I couldn't' be my usual stubborn and pig headed Norwegian...LOL   But why I do it so well :)

To be honest I felt like crap the first several days and really did not care who was in my house or what they were doing. 

Just take a deep breath and go get a massage from time to time.   The nail salon I go to also does foot and hand massages so I treated myself often and loved it...still do in fact :)  My nail techs husband gives one of the best foot massages ever...ah heaven!
Hi Debra,

I put the bed right smack in the middle of the livingroom and that is where I stayed 24 hours a day for the first two weeks post op. I did not want to be stuck up in the bedroom alone for that long.

My living room is nice and bright and close to the kitchen and bathroom so it worked well. My hubby slept on the big sectional right next to me for the first four nights and I loved that. I am a bit of a baby when I am sick or hurting and don't like to be alone. My son also hung out with me many hours which helped. We watched movies together and he entertained me....well he mostly laughed at me when I was in my enduced drug coma :)

It helps to have people around when you are recovering. Cheers you up and you won't feel so alone. My girlfriends also came over and hung with me. So put the bed in a bright and busy place. So much nicer!
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Thank you so much. I will put it in the living room. My husband can sleep on the couch. We have 2 kids, but they are both away at college. I have girlfriends that will come by to see me though. I had my pre-op on Tues. and got all of my bazillion questions answered. I'm really excited to be done with all this extra skin. : )

Hi Debra,

You will be glad to have the bed!  It was a lifesaver for me.  

I know what you mean about getting rid of the skin.  I was so sick of it by the end that I could hardly stand it.  Your day will be here soon enough!

You are going to feel like and look like a new woman.
Hi Kimmers :)
It sounds like you had rented from a really good outfit. Bed table,lambs wool & waffle pad!!! That was a good price for all of that!
I want to thank you for all of the great guides and suggestions! It truly is a comfort to know what to expect.
Thank you sooo much...this site is wonderful
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Hi Tammy,

Yes it was an excellent deal and I am so glad I had everything for the two weeks. 

I love this site too!

My rental included the bed, side rails, bed table, sheets, lambs wool pad, foam waffle pad and set up/delivery and pick up.   I had the bed for two weeks for $200.00.
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