Removing permenant makeup eyebrows

  • Gina F.
  • Detroit,Mich.
  • 4 years ago

I've been drawing my eyebrows on for 18yrs. now because of an accident. I've been wanting to get them tattooed on for years, i went today to get them tattooed on and the lady messed my eyebrows up bad. What i thought was going to be a dream come true to finally get my eyebrows done, turned into a nightmare and it is one week till my birthday. I do not want to look in the mirror or even leave my house. I dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME.


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How does your story end? Did you have any luck removing the tattoo and, if so, which method/s did you use?

I can see in the profile pic that they are really uneven & can understand your disappointment with this result. An eyebrow pencil & concealer may be able to make the differences in brows less noticeable?

My heart goes out to you & hope this issue was resolved with a happily ever after ending.
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IndiaMaya is not correct about laser being a "drastic" option. It is a common and very effective one. However, you don't want CO2 laser, as that will scar. You need Q switched Nd:YAG or ruby laser, applied in pulses which break up the color so your body can remove it internally without scarring. A permanent makeup technician can also over tattoo with a removal product in several sessions and accomplish similar results. But products which are highly alkaline or acidic also have high risks of scarring, and if Rejuvi or acids aren't used carefully, with proper aftercare for several weeks, there's a big risk of that. I use and recommend a new, safer saline gel called Tattoo Vanish.

Permanent makeup is, above all, an art. A good tech will be knowledgeable and capable in the application of conventional makeup as well as permanent cosmetics. It's rare that someone with no makeup or graphic training learns to do great permanent makeup all by itself, and the proliferation of badly trained non-artists in our business is the major reason for sites like this one, and complaints like these. Don't assume a technician is capable just because they have some kind of certification, the meaning of which can vary widely. Look carefully at their other work, understand their graphic background, ask a lot of questions, and choose wisely to start.
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Eyebrow tattoo’s are not for everybody. Getting a tattoo even if it is for cosmetic purposes is still a tattoo and is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Many salons and spas now offer permanent makeup for this exact reason and it doesn’t just stop with eyebrows. There is even the option to now get permanent eyeliner, lip liner, and lip color.
You should always ensure that you find a qualified makeup technician who has had many hours of training and is highly experienced.

Getting it lazered out is drastic. You can have it reversed with Glycolic Acid. I am a permanent makeup tech. What I mean by having it reversed, is you can have it taken out the same way it was put in with Glycolic acid.
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I know how do you feel i had same problem like you one high than the other and ugly shape....i did laser to remove and burned my skin and now that happened 2 years ago and still i see my scars just where my eyebrows start is better use pencil.

After healing still with tattoo and i reading online i found REJUVI apply in same way as tattoo but after couples minutes taking ink out i did around 4 treatments and almost fade all i stop because my skin is very fragile after 5 laser treatments.
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