Can removing implants for 6 months help breast implant lateral displacement??

  • M 2 Australia
  • 2 years ago

Hello I have had a terrible time with 2 sets of ruptured PIPs the last pair I was not aware of them leaking until I got a ultrasound earlier this year They looked perfect. I had them replaced with a different Plastic surgeon that replaced my 365cc 13.5cm width for Eurosilicone 325cc width 12cm width medium profile 6weeks later after the swelling went down I have bad symmetry and my right-breast has a lateral displacement. I am now so self conscious. The surgeon said he would fix this at no charge but I am not confident. So I went to for another opinion and he said to get the best result would be to remove my implants for 6months then replace them. Would this give me the best result? Does anyone know or can you help me..