Has anyone removed implants after reconstruction due to pain and muscular issues

  • lillian123
  • 1 year ago

I have High profile 400cc silicone implants for the last 8 months. The pulling, tightness and being uncomfortable under my arms is affecting me all day long. I go to physical therapy and have had steroid shots from a pain management doctor. I know this is very unusual as everyone else seems to be fine. The 2nd PS surgeon has suggested :1- taking them out and doing DIEP - I so don't want to have that operation. 2- explanting the implant and seeng if that relieves the pain and therefore, we will know if  it is the muscles, the implant or the scar tissue. Has ANYONE had any experience with this? If I take out the implants I will be flat as a board( really ugly). I am 53 years old. I was in great health and never took any medications before DCIS- no radiation/no chemo. Had double mastectomy due to family history. I could really use anyone's experience with this.  Thank you