Remove Saline Breast Implants Using Local Anesthesia for Under $1000

  • jbchicago
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

I'm searching for a plastic surgeon that can remove my saline breast implants using local anesthesia. They are 3 1/2 years old and placed submuscular through the armpit. No capsule contractions. I'd prefer they NOT come out the way they went in so I'm okay with a scar under the breast. If there is anyone that can do this for me for under $1000 please let me know. I need them removed asap. I am in the Chicago area but willing to travel if I can't find a local doctor.

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I also wanted to give information about before and after. Implants were 425cc saline under the muscle and in place for 3 1/2 years. Before implants bra size was about a 34B.
Immediately after removal my breasts looked like a deflated tire. It was quite shocking. They looked pretty horrific. My ps said that they would look better in time. They started shaping back up after a week or so. It's 6 months post op and they look pretty much as they did before the implants. I believe that I needed a lift before the implants but was talked into a large implant to forgo the lift. BAD IDEA. I do need a lift for certain after the removal. The skin has stretched out from the implants considerably. If someone today asked me if they should get implants I'd have to to say no. It's just not worth it.
The ps I used to remove the implants was NOT the one I used to put them in. She did warn me that I'd probably need a lift but to wait until the skin settled down to see what we are dealing with. I'm so glad I took this advice. It's hard to imagine what my breasts would look like today if she tried to deal with all the skin and deflation I saw right after the removal was done.
I will try to post some pictures soon of with implants / today/ and after a breast lift (to be schedule in the near future).
Think of all the money and pain I would have saved had I just done the breast lift to begin with. lessons learned.
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I called many doctors in the Chicago area to remove my breast implants with local anesthesia. I had them for 3 years and feared they were the cause of my lymphoma. Dr. Fisher (Wilmette, IL) went over all of the risks and took time to explain everything involved. She gave me the option of having the implants removed with local anesthesia or general. Since I was searching for local that's the option that I went with. The procedure was done in her office. That morning I was the only patient there so no worries that she was being pulled from room to room while performing my procedure. I was very comfortable during the removal and didn't feel anything more than tugging. The entire procedure took about an hour from start to finish. I was pretty sore the next few days but healed up quickly. I have a small scar at the fold of each breast which is hardly noticable some 6 months later. I'm very grateful to Dr. Fisher for considering my concerns about the anesthesia and taking such great care during my visits.
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What was the cost of having it done? I want mine removed as well, and would travel to Chicago if it were worth it
I believe it was $1000 for the procedure. Dr. Fisher did a great job removing them and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have them out of my body.
I believe it was $1000 for the procedure. Dr. Fisher did a great job removing them and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have them out of my body.
jhchicago, how are you doing? I found a ps and am having mine removed tomorrow for under $1000 in California. Let me know if you would like the information. I hope you are well.
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Hello JH,

I am having my saline submuscular implants removed by Dr. Peter Johnson (Des Plaines) in 2 days, I have posted my story. He is quite open to removing implants via local anesthesia, however I am afraid to do it that way and prefer to be asleep. He can perform the procedure in his office. He helped my have my implant removal covered by insurance.

Good luck to you in finding a surgeon you are comfortable with. I understand and personally relate to your wanting your implants out and hope you can find a way.
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Have you tried contacting a teaching hospital? They will often charge less than regular hospitals.

A lot of doctors also have in office financing, so check about that.

Hope you're able to get this done soon!

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