What do I need to do: remove bags under eyes or fillers?

  • Ketino1
  • New York City
  • 4 years ago

I have dark hollows right above cheeks and below my eye bags. What type of cosmetic surgery do I need to make it smooth and bright? Will fillers help, or I should remove bags and then put fillers? Even when I put concealer, those hollows bother me. I am 48 years old.

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First ensure clean and regular habits of food, sleep and urination.It is the waste water accumulation that shows as a puffed face.Maybe you can try Face Thin which does work.
Creams don't work and fillers last a few months and can be quite expensive. I have the same problem as you and I have decided to get surgery. The cost is going to be around $5K, but results should be permanent. My mother had a lower Blep about 7 years ago and she still looks great. However, she is not hollow like us. I am visiting a doctor who does only eyes and he addresses hollowness. Our situation is different and it's important to visit a doctor who specializes only in eyes. I am hopeful this next doctor will be the one. I've have visited two and was not convinced.
I am in my mid sixties and had them removed wednesday with injections of Belotero. I am thrilled and look decades younger but I still look like me. No pain, no downtime cost 600. I live in Portland
avoid junk food
take excess of water
use lemon

it will definitely work....
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dunno what procedure would fill over eye hollows but would defenetly not get those small bags removed since u already have a long skinny face and the overhollows, more like fill below them and above me thinks
but u obviously put a preatty rough picture of yourself i think you need to take into account what you look like on a dayly basis with makeup and hair color