Reminder of what are normal post-op emotions

  • TallOne
  • Davenport, IA
  • 2 years ago

This is for me to remember that feelings of sadness post-operatively are normal.  I realize that this does not happen to all people but the few that it does happen to may include me.  I know that I need to be patient and think positive as it promotes better healing and relaxation.  I know that I need to wait out my healing period before I pass judgement and follow my surgeon's instructions to increase my chances of a great result.  I do know that stress and anxiety can only make matters worse and I will try my best to not let it affect me.

1. I will be:a). sore b). tired c). irritable d). unsure e). possibly depressed f). bloated g). bored h). anxious i). restless j). unable to sleep at times 2. During my recovery my breast may:  a). be assymetrical b). be lopsided c). be swollen d). be bruised e). be tender to the touch  f). experience sharp pains or numbness g). be firm or hard  h). break out with acne i). experience irritation from the tape or anesthetic j). feel like they are sunburned k). have nipple sensitivity l). experience a tingling sensation m). be numb

I also realize that even the daily subtle changes or flaws that I may see in the mirror may not be visible to others as I am my own worst critic. I do realize once I heal my changes can be seen with the help of before and after photos and if I do not like the end result after I am healed many months from now I can always approach my surgeon regarding my dissatisfaction. I must not take out my insecurities or anger on my significant other, family or friends but I sometimes cannot help it and need to vent my frustration or sadness.  I know I need to keep my chin up and let my body and mind heal because surgery is invasive and can trigger many emotions.  I know that I can always get support from my loved ones and friends, be they "in the flesh" or online. I know this state of dissaray and being unsure is only temporary. 

Today I will smile and remain patient because tomorrow will be another day and will bring me one day closer to being fully healed.