Does Anybody Regret It?

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  • 3 years ago

Hi Ladies,

Im considering a breast augmentation. I chose to write this here, because I have a 2 year old boy. After I finished nursing my son, my already incredibly tiny (not even A cup) bust dwindled to barely there at all. (Now THAT is something I wish somebody had told me. I thought my lovely enlarged breasts were here to stay!) I have always suffered from huge difficulties in finding bras, swim-suits, dresses and shirts that not only fit, but wont gap and show my nonexistent bust (read: nipples). I am not exaggerating, it truly is difficult, frustrating and depressing. Bras that fit around my torso have too large a cup. Cups that fit do not have straps that fit around my torso. I cant wear shirts or dresses unless the have a very high neck, which is unfashionable and (usually) uncomfortable.

My 2 concerns are:

-The DEBUT. I work in a school district with some very unpleasant and judgmental people, and have real anxiety about the whole "what people will think" thing. I know I cant live my life based on what other people think, but I do have to work with them. How long do the "LOOKS" last?

-Cost. I follow a lot of deal blogs, coupon almost fanatically, and generally think of myself as frugal. I want to get us OUT of debt, not further into debt. The cost on this optional surgery is a hard thing to swallow.

Finally, I guess what I really want to know, is are there MOM'S who had this surgery done and wished they hadn't? Are there moms who had this done and only regret they hadn't done it sooner? Thank you Ladies!

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I am a teacher and I am 2 weeks post op. I am very glad I did this. I too was wondering about people noticing but I did not go very large-I just wanted perky breasts and rounder. My implants are under 300cc (265 and 234). If you wear looser fitting clothing when you return, I don't think it will be an issue:) Good luck deciding.
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I'm not a teacher but I live in a large, nosey development where everyone is in each other's business. We have two elementary schools inside the neighborhood and most of our teachers live here. I feel bad for them because I know they're always having to be on their "best" behavior because of what parents might think, like if they're seen having a glass of wine at the local restaurant. Anyway, the one thing I know is that there will always be nay-sayers. But I imagine you're a very good teacher and that will out weigh any judgements even if they do find out. And honestly to me, it seems like most of the "debbie-downers" I come across are just jealous. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this for yourself. Try not to worry and god luck!
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I just had a BA 4 weeks ago. No one has noticed, but then again, I wasn't that flat and I wore really padded bras. If they saw me without clothes on, they would know for sure! Or in a swimsuit, but I haven't done that yet and usually I don't wear swimsuits around people I don't know well (I'm usually on vacation then). In clothes I look natural. I would say give yourself 4 weeks before you plan to reveal them...they would have dropped some by then. And then don't wear anything too fitted until they drop some more.
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Thank you for that info, Cupcake. It's nice to hear a timeframe for about how long they will take to drop and to what to wear in the meantime. I've got 12 days until my MM. I just had my pre-op yesterday and it all feels more real now.
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Yes, this is good to know. I usually wear loose clothes so am thinking all should be well. Only time will tell. I also don't plan on having any co workers see me in a swimsuit so I will try to stop stressing about this issue. :)
Thanks for teh reply.
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I'm in the same boat also. I'm not a teacher, but I help in my kids school library. So summer it is. The plus side is that I'm so busy with the end of school-year inventory in the library that I hardly have time to be nervous! The downside is that I hope I'm prepared mentally and prepared in every other way and it doesn't sneak up on me!
I haven't told anyone at school or any family as I don't want to have to try and deal with judgmentalness and negativity right now. I'm already having enough guilty feelings and nervousness!
I'm getting a much longed for MM as well. I'm not looking forward to the recovery and missing out on some of our regular summer activities, but I'm trying to keep a positive perspective.
Anybody out there have some good comebacks that aren't too snotty, but let people know that they're negetivity is not welcome or helpful?
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I am a teacher also and plan to do my mommy make over as soon as school gets out(June 6th) and I know I will also have to deal with the looks from studens(Work at a JR high school) and fellow teachers. This is not going to stop me from doing it but I hope that I handle the questions and looks well when I get back. Hope someone else who has been there can give us some feedback.
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I am a teacher also and to insult to injury I teach middle school! I am hoping to have my MM over the summer which gives me ample time to recover and for the swelling to subside. I also worry about going back in September with two giant melons on my chest but if everything goes my way, I will be at a different school, but if not, I am sure I will get looks not only from my students, since I will be looping, but from the staff. I know it's hard but I have to just shrug it off and maintain that the decision I made is the right one and will ultimately make me feel better about myself! Whether it's family, friends, coworkers, or, in our case, students, there will always be someone out there who disagrees with our decision. It's how we handle their judgements that will make all the difference.
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I worry about the looks too.I'm a teacher! I was going to have it done in the summer but now I'm thinking it will be Christmas Break. A girl can just pray her boobs won't be under her chin and that she'll hide in her "winter" gear. Maybe I'll start the year off by wearing push up bras with a sports bra to go ahead and give me the square boob look.
Best Wishes!
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