Refirme stories?

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Refirme - any stories on this treatment?

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I would never suggest trying ReFirme to anyone. I tried it at a plastic surgeon's "open house". It was extremely painful and I was badly burned on my face. I am left with 2 large scars on my face. The doctor has denied any responsibility.

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There are many skin tightening procedures on the market. At my medical spa in Macomb County, Michigan we offer two, Thermage and Refirme. Syneron's Refirme utilizes Bi-polar Radiofrequency and Diode fluence to tighten the skin. The beauty of this treatment is that it can be combined with other Syneron treatments simultaneously. Syneron's SRA (IPL) can be combined for treatment of skin discoloration. The main thing to remember with all of these modalities is that they are not surgery so you should not expect a surgical outcome nor the downtime of surgery. If you have realistic expectations the results of these quick procedures can be rewarding.