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Referral for Naples/Fort Myers, FL area

  • FL mom
  • 2 years ago

My almost 18 yr old has been begging for rhinoplasty for a few years...I do see her concern and what she wants is not major to me, although I certainly never considered this surgery for her myself.  It is daunting to try to find the best who is also affordable--I understand how important anyone's face is, but sometimes you pay extra for the name or prestiger rather than just a really good doctor.  How does one choose??

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It is hard to trust any of these doctors as they are all promoting themselves...I have to question the Top doctors for spending so much time on line answering questions; as if they gain their status from it. THEN, these same doctors say, "Don't trust any doc who offers free consultations....BUT, if you mention RealSelf when making your appt, your consultation is free."

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Doctors do have practices to build and maintain, yes. Do you have a link to a doctor advising not to trust doctors who offer free consultations? I haven't seen that. I've gone to a handful of extremely reputable doctors who have offered free consultations.

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