I have a reduction scheduled in 4 weeks but Im also mom to a 5 month old. is this a good idea?

  • Solil9679
  • 1 year ago

Very helpful husband.

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Hi Solil, I agree with Welshlady. I also have had a relatively easy recovery, however, I was unprepared for the difficulty sleeping after the reduction. Even after the initial recovery, sleep has been minimal and it is not because of pain. I have seen many women comment about having trouble sleeping. As the mom of a 5 month old, you may already be sleep deprived, so the sleep issue is something you may want to consider. I am a very fit and energetic person and even after 8 weeks, I still tire easily and can really feel it and have increased swelling if I do too much. If you decide to go forward you must REST! and listen to the good suggestions made by Ericake2001. Best of luck.
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Wow difficult one to answer , because do you really want the truth ? hmmm ok my personal opinion (coz you've asked for it ) I had a great recovery and I really do mean great I was driving within 4 days shopping , but if I had a 5 month old baby I would wait untill the baby was older for several reasons number 1 being I don't think it's fair on the baby or you . Realistically you shouldn't be lifting your baby for at least 10 days and ideally not for 30 days then add in the real possibility of wound separation coz I don't believe your Gona be able to stop yourself from lifting the baby and holding him/her you could be talking a lot longer before you recover . I also wouldn't trust any PS that would do this surgery on you knowing you have a 5 month old baby unless it was for urgent medical reasons because I feel the risks of a complicated recovery for you are high . So my advice and I say all this with only your health and safety in mind ,wait enjoy your baby , then when the baby is a little older have the BR look at this way you've had your breasts this long what's another year or 2 . I wish you luck and whatever your decision we will all be here to support and answer any questions you may have
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Thanks for your honesty. You have offered a lot of points for me to consider. Will keep you posted on my decision.
As long as you have support for the first few weeks after surgery and you are not nursing your baby. You will be on lifting restrictions for a while, potentially pain meds, and will need PLENTY of rest. Have meals prepared ahead to freeze and reheat, someone to help with laundry and groceries, and someone to help with carrying, snuggling and tending to the baby. Also, read as many posts here as you can to see what other possible struggles you can anticipate in your situation. Many good tips here from the women who are post op and nothing that you really can't have a contingency plan in place for. Over preparing now will be worth it not to have to stress after. Best fo luck to you, and I wish you a speedy recovery! :)
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