reduction recovery while looking after 2 young children

  • celesteontaio
  • ON
  • 3 years ago

I am having my reduction on aug 10th but Im concerned about recovery. I have 2 little boys (2.years  and 10 months). my husband will be taking some time off and I do have other help but Im just worried that they are so little. Has anyone else been in this situation and if so please can you offer me any advice??? I dont really have the option of waiting till they are older as I simply cant live with the pain and discomfort any longer. Thanks for any advice

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You can do this! When washing your hair you have to tilt your head down and keep your elbows in at your sides and just raise your hands up to your hair. Sounds goofy but it works well. Honestly you will figure things out quickly and it all goes well.

Thanks! Lately everything I do Im second guessing if I will be able to do it after the surgery lol. I do have help so im sure Ill be ok. One more question if you can lift your hands over your head how do you wash your hair????

If you have some help for the first couple of weeks you will be fine.  They do ask you not to lift over 10 pounds for the first month after surgery.  Also no lifting anything over your head. 

Could you maybe get a baby sitter to come in during the day for a couple of weeks?  They could at least do the hard work. 

Honestly though this is not a bad recovery process over all.  Two little boys just put a little excitement into it...LOL