Reduction or a lift?

  • LetsGetFamous17
  • Athens, GA
  • 3 years ago

I am 20 years old about 5'6" and weigh over what I am willing to publicly say =p I have had a larger breasts for as long as I can remember. I was wearing a D cup at ten years old. I have recently lost 80 pounds. And you would think that with loosing this weight I would also loose cup sizes. But, instead, I gain one. My breast don't seem to want to stop growing. I am not totally sure of what size bra I am suppose to wear. I can never find one to fit me correctly, so I can never tell you exactly what size I am. But, I would say I somewhere between a F and a G. Eventually I will go and try to get myself measured for a more exact bra size. But, of course, no two measurement answers are the same. I have the constant back problems, neck pain, shoulder indents, pinched nerves, and of course I am being broken by the $60 a pop charge that comes with buying a G cup bra, and the difficulty of actually finding a G cup bra. I love having bigger breasts. But I hate having the side effects that come with them. My biggest problem with having a big chest is: I have had heavier breasts for so long that they have become very saggy (to me at least) and they have lost their shape. I am very self conscious about this. I dread it when someone comes over to my house in the morning unannounced, and I have to great them in my pajamas and no bra.  It is terribly embarrassing to me. Having these huge sagging bags and me is starting to ruin my self-esteem.  So right now I am trying to decide between a reduction and a lift. I am worried if I get a reduction they will be too small. My Aunt had one done about two years ago. She was at and H, and requested to go down to a DD. She is now wearing a C cup. I definitively do not want to be that small. I would like to be to a larger DD, so I don't know if there is any point in getting a reduction.  The definite pro to getting a reduction is most likely my health insurance would at least assist me in paying for the surgery.  I know that a lift may not last as long if I keep my breast the size they are.  Also, I would have to pay for everything out of my pocket if I were to go with the lift. And I have seen a few before and after photos of women with larger breasts who have had the surgery. Many of them just looked like the relocated the nipple, and left the breast sagging. . .And I definitely don't want that. But I love having my bigger breasts. . .But I hate the sag and the pain that goes with them. So I am fighting with myself over if I should get them reduced or just lifted. Which one would be more worth it? Either way, I am sure that I am ready for a change.