How do I reduce the appearance of my purple scar?

  • alphamickey
  • Costa Mesa, CA
  • 2 years ago

About three months ago, I was running on cement and fell, producing a flesh wound. It scabbed over but was infected because kept on pussing and stayed moist. However, it eventually formed a hard scab that was almost like tree bark. Not knowing at the time that peeling scabs are not good for skin healing, I picked at it.  Now, three months later, the wound finally completely closed up, but is very distinctly purple. In the day time, it is not as noticable, but especially when it is cold or if I drink a beer, it turns very deep dark purple. I hope this will eventually go away. Currently I have Mederma scar cream that I am applying to it once a day. I was wondering what is the best thing I can do at this point to reduce the scar as much as possible and bring back its normal color. I heard that eating a lot of Vitamin C and Zinc is good for skin healing but do not know if it is too late at this point. Also should I be moisturizing it daily with lotion or putting sun screen over the scar? My Treatment to date: Merderma scar cream every day drink lots of orange juice