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How can we reduce pimples on face

  • keertana222
  • 1 year ago

A lot of acnes are coming on face. What can i do for these problem. Can you please suggest me...

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The problem with oily skin is that dead cells, that usually shed off on their own, attach themselves to your oil.. In turn clogging your pores and causing acne.. My best suggestion would be to exfoliate.. Find an exfoliant that has small sugar like beads, those are usually the best in exfoliating.. St. Ives has a green tea scrub that will be great for your skin.. Don't over exfoliate neither as this makes your skin produce more oil. Find a balance. Every two to three days would be good. Hopes this helps!
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I used some products from a company called Skincare in a Box and they cleared mine up pretty quickly
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