Redoing breast aug in 9 days need help!

  • Chrissy1290
  • Ohio
  • 3 years ago

I had my first breast augmentation in 2004, with saline I am now switching to silicone to have a more natural feel and appearance. I am 5'4, 100lbs, 32 medium C, 25,33. My implants currently are 390 filled to 425 moderate profile. Here is my question. I know there is a slight difference between saline and silicone. I want to go up about half a cup size (32 medium C to small-medium D) if I have a 425 now what should I raise it to and should I stay with my Moderate Profile or go to High Profile? I will appreciate any responses as I am still quite nervous. Thank you so much for your time!!

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from my experience i've had both mod plus implants and now high profile implants. I def like the high profile gels are better. the mod implants were just to wide for my frame. the mods made me look flat towards the front and big on the side. my currents high profiles are big all around. I guess it all depends on the look yor going for. I think 100cc will get you to half a cup size!

For others reading this, here's a list of what several doctors have to say about choosing implant sizes.


Chrissy, I'm so sorry I just now saw this forum post. It looks like you've had your surgery already. I'm wondering how it went and what you ended up choosing!