Redness from Fraxel restore dual is turning to dark pigment

  • Omg1000
  • Texas
  • 1 year ago

I had fraxel restore dual 10 days ago.  It was far more traumatic than I had expected.  I have gone thru the peeling but my upper cheeks are still pretty red and there is a red line demarcating the laser path around my eyes.  The biggest problem is that I developed dark areas around the mouth and chin and now the redness around the eyes seem to be fading into dark patches.  Is this stuff going to go away?  How long before I can resume my obagi nuderm treatment?  Any direction or help would be appreciated.

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Here are a couple RealSelf Doctor answers I found in the Doctor Q&A section:

Hope that helps in the meantime, until some of our experienced Community Members can respond :)

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