Recovery tips

  • siobhan49
  • 2 years ago

Just had them done and the first 48 hours are the most important…..

1. my surgery took 1 1/2 hours my recover 3 hours….the anethiesia made me very nauseous….don't get up til you feel able without dizziness….guarantee you will get sick if you do  

2. get the pump it really helps curb the pain and lowers the need for other meds but take your oxy when you get home...  

3.  stick to water, ginger ale and crackers til any nausea passes  

4.  ice packs help especially on the sites where the pumps insert  

5.  alternate valium with the oxy…although at one point I was taking both just to sleep through the pain  

6. the first 8 hours suck believe me….  

7.  have people lift you up to stand up DON'T USE YOUR HANDS TO LIFT OR PUSH or the implants will move…..  

8.  read, watch tv, surf, stay still for the first 48 hours so the the implant scar tissue can form  

9.  take the anti bruisin med, it really works... 

10.  I saw my breasts 3 days after surgery and they were beauful, no bruising, symmetrical