Recovery tips for a side sleeper?

  • krissySYD
  • Sydney Australia
  • 2 years ago

Anyone has any recovery tips for me who is a side sleeper? No, I cannot sleep on my back - never could. If I have to do that I will end up on my stomach which seems to be worst option here- how did you amazing ladies overcome this? Any special pillow recommendation? Thanks a lot in advance

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I found for the first week it's not really sleep it rest , you can't lay flat or on your stomach or side , even today ( day 20 ) I have to be very careful about how I roll over and be sure not to jerk yourself to get cumfy , and always have at least one pillow wedged between my boobs for surport , as for tummy that will take some time I think . Oh I would not worry about rolling over without realising ..... YOu will know your dong it for sure xxxxx much luck .
Thanks girls! I actually purchased a HUUUGE V-pillow - one that is recommended for nursing mums to use to balance the baby on their lap...It is HUUUUUGE and If I put on top of my normal pillow it makes it impossible for me turn to my side :) I also have my nice recliner armchair ready :) Let's hope this will be enough....LOL this is my biggest fear about the whole op :) not being able to sleep for a while.....
Krissy, here's what I figured out around post-op day 9 to be able to sleep on my side. It works for part, but not all of the night for me. I use 4-5 pillows:
1) one between the knees
2) one right under my ribcage - this reduces the pressure on the "bottom breast"
3) one right over my ribcage - this keeps my arm from resting directly on the "top breast"
4) one under my head.

I need a little space between the rib and and head pillow for my shoulder to drop into. This keeps my arm from ending up under the head or head pillow, which hurts my incisions and I've read is bad for healing. Give it a try!
Yup. I pretty much did the same thing. I never sleep on my back willingly, I am 100% a side and tummy sleepy. I slept in a reclined chair for a week and then once I managed to be able to get up myself I proped pillows all around me in bed to wedge me in place. It really is just something you must do so that you don't mess up your new nice boobies.
I am a side sleeper and it is a bit tricky. For the first week I found it wasn't an issue as moving in general was slower and more difficult so I stayed put naturally, but once I got more mobility I definitely wanted to roll to my side! I used a wedge and my regular pillow to elevate, a long body pillow down one side and an L shaped nursing pillow (left over from babies) that went down the other side and hooked under my legs/bum. This essentially locked me in to place! Even now at 4 weeks I still find it uncomfortable to sleep on my side so I don't, but I think I am used to sleeping on my back now so I just don't roll over out of habit.