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Recovery time for IPL burns/PIH in asian skin ?!

  • burnedinmanchester
  • manchester, uk
  • 3 years ago

I had IPL done 4 days ago for photorejuvenation. Had previously tolerated this for hair removal but was not offered a patch test for the photorejuvenation. The procedure was more painful that I expected and I was shocked to see my face immediately after. There were brown/red bars on my neck and slightly less prominent marks on my face. No blistering occurred post-procedure. Both the technician and unregistered medic stated that this was completely normal and stated I was overreacting. The marks became dark brown/black over the following 24 hours. Returned the next day and they admitted that these were burns but said they would recover completely. I have read quite a few threads and am really worried about PIH. The blackness has started to flake a bit in a few small areas and the skin underneath looks slightly pink. I understand this is likely to become a different colour but was wondering if this is going to be a problem for a few weeks vs a few months. Its been really distressing as I was quite happy with my face before but the clinic suggested photorejuvenation and it sounded pretty good. Hoping my GP can refer me to the burns clinic as it looks like first degree burns on the face and neck. Any information on other people's experience would be really helpful!

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When you said Asian skin, how dark is your skin tone? If you have south asian skin tone (Indian skin), IPL will not work on you. I'm really surprised someone would even do IPL on your face, they are very irresponsible. My heart goes out to you! Take good care of yourself. Make sure you're using antiseptic cream. Take care.

I can imagine what your going through, my heart goes out to you...I had been burnt by ipl once in my back, luckily the marks dissappeared and they cannot be seen at all, i dont haver hyperpigmentation, yours should go away too, just have patience and in the mean time take care of your skin. All the best.

Hi I was just wondering how your skin is now? has it recovered?