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  • Memphis, TN
  • 3 years ago

I'll be in a few online classes while getting the surgery. I was wondering how likely will it be for me to do my schoolwork (like papers) while recovering? Is it doable? Thanks

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For the first week you will not feel like doing anything.  You really need to rest, keep stress free and lay low.   To be honest if it is anything that involves a rational decision or hard thinking you will not be able to focus for the first two weeks.

If you are able to put anything off for a couple of weeks that is best.

You will pretty much feel like poo poo for a while.
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I'm still pre-op, too - Feb. 2. :)

If you read the forum thread on 12 things I wish my patients would do, by Dr. Lee, she advises not even answering emails. I don't recall how long.

Click the forum link above your post, and scroll down to Dr. Lee's 2 posts about things to know.

Good luck, but I think you had better plan on recovering. Working too quickly will set you back, from what I've read.
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Can offer any info, I'm preop (until tomorrow!)
But from what I've read, maybe after the first week you could if your clear headed and not too drugged from the pain meds.
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