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  • Isabelle8
  • Taiwan, TW
  • 2 months ago

Hi guys, I had jaw shaving and lipo on the lower part of my face and neck. I'm about 5 weeks post op right now. The lower part of my face is still swollen, it makes my face look like a U shape instead of a V shape. My surgeon now tells me it might take 3 months or longer for the swelling to completely go down. But before the surgery, he told me it takes only about 4-6 weeks. I've been really depressed and worried about the swelling and the final result, I'm wondering if some people have swelling that never goes down for the rest of their life? :(

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Hi Isabelle, I'm five weeks out from jaw surgery myself--from everything I read the swelling will definitely go down! My surgeon also told me my swelling would be "mostly gone" in three to four weeks, but it definitely is not; from many blogs I've read and from my orthodontist I've learned it takes about six months and your face continues to "settle" into its shape for a year. I understand it's so hard to be patient because I am in the same boat!
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Hey saffronblossom, thank you for your reply and encouragement! :) I'm about 2 months post op now, the swelling is subsiding and my face is getting smaller. But it has not gone down completely and still a long way to go I guess. But I'm definitely happier now, at least I'm less depressed haha Yes it is really hard to be patient seeing the swelling everyday, but it will definitely get better. Hang in there sweetie! :)
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