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Need recovery bra size advice!

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  • 3 years ago

I am having a breast reduction in November.  Hoping to go from 32D to 32B.  My doctor said to buy a sports bra.  I found some with front zippers at JCPenneys, but I have no idea what size to buy for my compression bra.  Someone suggested 5 inches larger than my normal band width.  What about cup size?  Do I get a B or larger for swelling? Help!!

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I wish I had found this site sooner :( . I have been looking for a good post surgery bra and my surgery is May 30th. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, so if i order from I'd be worried it won't come in time.

I'm having a horrible time finding a sports bra thats seamless & my size. I'm going to a 40 big C or Small D so i'm guessing I should look for a DD cup? I which the surgeon would just give me one. After paying almost $10,000 you'd think a bra would be thrown in. lol
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I bought a bra that fit me pre op. it was very tight and nit comfy at the time but worked/works well post opit's ended up being the best bra because there is room in the band and cup area. I had trouble fitting into a bar that was my normal band size just for comfort of not rubbing on my incisions. Surprisingly it actually felt better to have it be a little tight at first because it held my boobs in one spot. The JCP bras are so cheap and if you leave the tag on they'll let you rerun or exchange if you realize it's not the correct size.
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You want the bra snug for compression but not so tight that it hurts.  Stay with the same band size and maybe start with a C cup due to swelling, bandages and the unknown final size to start.  Just buy one to start and see who it feels.  As the swelling goes down you will need to purchase smaller bras.  

Check out this link.  This bra is amazing.

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