Recovery after tummy tuck

  • carolynburton
  • Saskatoon, ON
  • 1 year ago

I am planning on having a tt done in late june 2013, and I am wondering about the recovery time.   My question is two parts....first, going back to work...I work in an office job, in front of a computer pretty much all day.  I have heard that people can go back to this type of work in two weeks...has that been the experience of those on this board?   Second, resuming strenous activities... I teach fitness classes during the school year (Sept-June) and so I am hoping that I will be able to resume teaching in Sept if I have the TT at the end of June......when were people on this board able to resume the more strenous fitness activities after the TT?   Thanks!

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Hi there. I'm 9 days post op and am thinking I might go into my offic for a few hours tomorrow. It's the fatigue that's getting me as well as stifness/uncomfortableness if I'm not in the right position for an elongated period of time. I've been walking around stores for three days now and around the block with my dog tonight. Still takes it out of me although your fitness level must be way up if your an instructor. I play tennis three to four times a week and do classes a couple of times for cardio/weights. PS said I can't do either until at least sox to eight weeks post op and from how much the walks take it out of me right now I'm guessing I'll need to start off slow. There's lots of different reviews with people recovering at all sorts of different rates. I really think it's one of those things that you don't know how you'll react personally until you do it!
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