My Recovery, so far. :)

  • turbo111222333
  • 3 years ago

Went to see my PS this morning. He removed all my sutures from my belly button, looked at my incision and said it looked great. I questioned the areas at the end of my incision and how they look a bit "bunched", if you will, but he answered that before I even got a chance to finish asking the question. It will straighten out and the reason he did it the way he did it is to prevent dog ears. Fine by me! He told me not to nitpick because my swelling would be 70% gone by 6 weeks at my rate and by then we'll start to see where everything is situating. Everything looks great, though! One thing I must mention is that he was impressed with my mobility and the fact that my compression garments aren't as tight as he thought they would be ( meaning not the usual swelling he encounters) Yay! Went well! :D Hope everyone is doing great, as well!