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Your recoveries, week by week...share please!!

  • majatummy
  • Houston
  • 3 years ago

I am now 2 1/2 weeks. Feeling so much better in many ways, but still pretty tired, and so slow. The issue is no longer pain for me, but it is this constant state of discomfort. My tummy burns and tingles, especially when I go from sitting to standing, but also whenever I move. My sides feel tender and almost bruised, and no matter which garment I wear, they all pinch, or poke or rub somewhere that adds to the joy. Driving or riding in the car is no fun because all the little bumps make me feel the raw sensation of my skin. My belly button is no longer crusty, just has a red ring around it, so it looks pretty good. My scar is still scabby and crusty in places, and it also continues to ooze clear fluid in new places on different mornings!? I look great (except the scar), but must still be swollen in the hips because I still can only wear yoga pants. And I still am slightly bent over standing...can't arch my back at all so my butt looks sunken in. It would be great to hear from a few people a little bit further and get an idea of how long until I start feeling a little more normal...I know it will be several months to totally normal, but I'd like to hear other people's status and get an idea of what I could look forward to in the near term!!