Will it be enough recover time??

  • RJSMom
  • Miami, FL
  • 1 year ago

Hi Ladies,    I'm scheduled for a mommy makeover including a BA, Full TT and Lipo on 4/25/13. I'm very excited to get my pre-mommy figure back but also very nervous. My family is planning a week long cruise on 6/8/13 which would put me at exactly 6wks 2days post op. I'm very worried that although the PS's surgical coordinator told me i could book the cruise 6 weeks after surgery that i wont be ready. I've had two previous c-sections and I've recovered pretty quickly, but i just want to make sure that I'll be able to enjoy myself. What are your opinions?    Thanks in advance! :)

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I am 8-1/2 weeks PO & I think you will be fine at 6 wks for a cruise. Just be prepared that you won't be completely up to doing A LOT of physical activity & you probably won't be cleared for all normal activities from your PS either. But cruises are suppose to be relaxing, right?!?! ENJOY!
I'm only a week PO, so I haven't seen 6 wks yet :). But, I had a c section too, and I'm thinking this is very similar. It's different, for sure, but I think you're recovery will be similar. Remember when you warned everyone, on pain of death, they'd better not make you cough or laugh? Same with this! O.O I think you'll find the first few days - a week the worst. It's debilitating, like being an instant old lady! Snails moved faster than me, and I need help just to shower. But you'll be amazed how quickly you'll heal and recover! A cruise sounds wonderful!!!

That sounds a little tight, but probably do-able. Hopefully some other ladies can jump in and give you some insight!