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reconstruction of the nipples

  • maryne
  • 2 years ago

well i made it thru the mastectomy, made it thru the torture of the expanders, got my silicone implants and last week I got the nipple reconstruction surgery.  Not 100% what i thought.  They are really long, pointing in crazy directions and i was very disappointed. I went home with some nipple cups to protect them (even though i was hoping they'd fall off they looked that bad) ... So i had an appointment with my PS on Friday.  He was pleased with the results. he had previously explained they would be longer than normal and would shrink but I guess i didnt believe him.   He sat and discussed what he did, told me they looked great and promised they would reduce in size and if they were too long he would clip them (says they have no feeling) I disagree.    He explained that I disliked how i looked after the mastectomy and gradually accepted how my expanders looked, and that I liked the look and feel of my implants. and even though I am not happy with the look of nipples ... that too will pass....and he will continue to help me with my body image and we, as a team will get thru this.   He even pointed out I have a great cleavage. something i didnt have before.   I will continue to put my treatment in his hands and listen to him. I just pray now that the tissue doesnt necrose. New fear. but i'll do what i need to complete this treatment.  I've been working on this since 2/3/11 and will continue till i'm done.    Is there anything i can do to help keep my tissue healthy?