Recommended Surgeons and Credit Lenders for Breast Reduction Surgery in NY??

  • chey126
  • 2 years ago

Hi guys! I'm new here, a 23 year old student with several years of uncomfortable back/neck pain, bra and bikini strap marks, and a whole bundle of insecurities. I am a lean 5"7, weighing roughly 125, with 34DD breasts. Many people I know believe I am crazy for wanting to reduce my chest size, but putting the physical discomfort aside, it mentally pains me to see a figure so out of proportion. Plainly stated, my boobs are too big for my body! I would love to wear a strapless tank or form-fitting shirt without feeling self-conscious. I know for men it is inevitable to be attracted to them, but for once I'd like to be noticed for the rest of my body and my face- not for my ridiculously protruding breasts. Another thing that people seem to misunderstand is that a 34DD NATURAL cup size is very different then the same size implants. My boobs don't stay up on their own! Therefore, to support their cumbersome weight is a grueling task. I know I am young, but it will only get worse as gravity takes its toll with age. With years to think this through seriously, I have decided to get the procedure done. I have done a lot of research on the procedure itself, as well as the effects of it, and I am mentally prepared for all this. I have even looked into a few specialists to get an idea of the cost. My only problem is the financing. I have a low paying, part time job with no help from my parents who are completely against it.  I am in need of a reasonably priced surgeon as well as a credit lender to pay for the operation. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)