Would appreciate any recommendations or red flags about Dr. Garrett Bennett of NYC

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I am considering having a deviated septum surgery with some cosmetic to the outside of my nose. Would like to know about Dr. Garrett Bennett of NYC. Thanks

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i had sinus surgery and rhinoplasty surgery with dr. bennett roughly 6 months ago. before my surgery, i couldn't breathe through my nose and was constantly sniffling and congested. i also hated how big my nose looked, i spent years feeling self-conscious. dr. bennett resolved all of my sinus issues, and now i can finally breathe normally. he also straightened my deviated septum, and sculpted a gorgeous nose that not only highlights my other features, but works like it is supposed to! to put it simply..i couldn't be happier with my new nose! dr. bennett followed through on all of my expectations. i feel like a totally new person. i highly recommend him (and his fabulous staff - meaghan will take excellent care of you and make you feel welcome and at home) also, as a sidenote - the office is gorgeous. his is the only doctor's office i've been to where the chairs are actually comfy and the environment is clean, calm and quiet. A+ Dr. Bennett & Staff!
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Hi zoeyreiter, I'm glad your surgery went well with Dr. Bennett. I'm seeing him soon, just want to ask you if you don't mind telling me how much was the cost? I know the cost ranges from different patient and condition. Thanks in advance. :)
Not good. I went trough like 7 different proccedures with him, he makes you go through all he can to charge your insurance.
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Are you moving forward with Dr. Bennett? I'm looking for info on him as well.
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Thanks, Christopher! It's so important when folks like you take the time to give input.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry to hear about your injuries and I am sure you will heal as per your successful surgery with Dr. Bennett.
Good+Caring is what I am looking for.
Thanks again
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I had surgery with him June 28th for a badly broken nose due to a boxing injury. My nose deviated left and was crushed. A past botched surgery with another Doctor in 2005 caused my nose to collapse. Also the nose was left crooked and worse. My surgery results with Dr. Bennett are still healing but my nose and breathing are very improved. He is a very caring physician and his staff are all great people. Dr. Bennett calls you, speaks to you like a person and treats you as such. He loves what he does and you can sense that right away when you meet him. Again, my results will differ due to the severity of my injury. I needed cartilage grafts and extensive work. My nose was broken many times over the years and was crushed. I needed revision, open rhinoplasty which is difficult alone without the addition of my injuries. I was a tough case for Dr. Bennett. As far as recommending him, you will not find a more caring guy. He's a good Doctor too and that's important. Hope this helps. I will update.
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hi Christopher, I'm looking into Dr.Bennett for cosmetic rhinoplasty. Are you esthetically happy with your results a year later?
How much does he charge for nose job? Thanks!
Thanks Christopher for changing this with us.. Good luck!
I meant sharing* this with us. lol

He does have a profile on RealSelf, but it looks like he hasn't been active. Sorry I can't give you any info about him. Hopefully some others with first hand experience with stop by and let you know what they thought.

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