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I need recommendations for Ohio MDs proficient in Microliposuction of the face

  • ErieGirl
  • Cleveland OH
  • 3 years ago

After a year of research I have come to the conclusion that there are few surgeons with the skill to undertake microliposuction of the midface area, so I am appealing to the RealSelf community to send me recommendations for top surgeons who perform this service in or outside of Ohio. Thank you.

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Definitely. Hopefully some happy patients will stop by. :)

We don't have a category for microliposuction, just liposuction. So you'd need to inquiry with liposuction doctors to see if they offer this specialized service.

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Hi Sharon,

When I do a search for microliposuction, I see no hits for Ohio, PA, MI or any other nearby east coast state. I may have to strike out to CA for this particular service, but I would still appreciate recommendations from anyone who has had this type of work done. I'd feel more comfortable about my choice based on happy customer feedback.
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Hi ErieGirl -- Have you contacted any doctors here? We only list board-certified surgeons so it's a good start! Hope this helps.

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