recommendations for mommy makeover in the Los angeles and orange county areas?

  • thenewmeafter3
  • Cerritos, CA
  • 2 years ago

Hello I am a mommy of 3 looking to finally get my mommy makeover I have wanted since I had my first child. I ideally want a breast lift not sure of implants or not. I want  high tension tummy tuck to add to my latina curves, and lipo of my thighs.  So if any of you have similar goals as mine or have seen any DR in the area please reply.Also I have pictures up. Thanks.

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still undecided went to 2 PS and so far I really like number one and the more informed I get I do realize that although the price is high he gave me it is reasonable when taking all I am getting done at one time.

Here's a list of doctors in the LA area who do mommy makeovers. Hopefully some other ladies who've had mommy makeovers in SoCal will chime in, too!

Let us know who you decide to go with.