Recommendations for Boston Breast Augmentation Surgeon?

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  • 2 years ago

I am looking to get a breast augmenttion and would appreciate any recommendations for Boston or south of boston recommendations. Thanks

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Love Dr. O'Sullivan in Wellesley - check out her before and after pics on her web site - I think she does great work. I've had work (not BA though) done with Dr. Leonard Miller in Boston. He seems to do more conservative work - I would look at his website too.

Good Luck!
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I choose Dr.Babbitt because he places them under the muscle ,but he shares the office.with.Dr.Donald Clukies, and Dr.Clukies only places them above the muscle ,.i highly recommend both of these.Board Certifi
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Sorry my cell phone sucks., i wanted to say that they are both.Board.Certified Plastic Surgeons, is.Plastic Surgery of Southern New England , or look up
I just had my surgery with.Dr.Babbitt on.July.23/12., they are located in FallRiver MA ,good luck with your search.,trust me i know how stressfull it can be!.feel free to check out my review ,it has my own pics from my before.and.after photos
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Here's a member who really liked her results (in Boston). Also, if you go to the Doctor Finder link above, it will help you find board certified plastic surgeons in your area.

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