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Need a recommendation on good rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles, CA

  • stopkran
  • 2 years ago

Hi! I am gonna need to correct my crooked nose. Never thought about cosmetic changes as I have actually never seen my "real" nose. I've had it fractured at birth, I guess. So I think I just want to shift it back where it belongs to without any major structure corrections. The main reason I need the surgery is because my shifted nose impacts nasal function. Also not only septum must be corrected but the very bone itself. I would really love to hear recommendations from those who had good/bad experience with rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles area. Thanks

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You're smart to do your homework. Here's a list of doctors in L.A. who perform rhinoplasties. As always, make sure whomever you go with is a rhinoplasty specialist.