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Could someone recommend a tummy tuck/lipo expert ain Massachusetts?

  • inz
  • MA
  • 2 years ago

Please help! Could someone recommend a tummy tuck/lipo expert in Massachusetts? I have seen a couple of board certified plastic surgeons, but it’s  hard to judge by their "portfolio" pictures how good they are. It would be very helpful to have someone’s opinion who has been through this….Thank you!

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I went to Dr. Rex for a breast augmentation and he is really nice and he is good. I am going to get a tummy tuck but I am going to go to Dr. Lowny in Fall River for a consultation. I would go to Dr.Rex again for a tummy tuck but it will be 8000. Dr. Lowny is cheaper, I think, so I am going to check him out first. If I am not comfortable then I will go with Dr. Ira Rex in Fall River. I wish I was rich lol.
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Thank you, but actually I am looking for someone who has been through the procedures and recommend her doctor.
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I have attached a link to the listing of RealSelf Doctors in Massachusetts.   Please let me know if you have any questions.

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